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sanitary napkin Auto bagger

  • sanitary napkin Auto bagger
  • sanitary napkin Auto bagger
  • sanitary napkin Auto bagger
  • sanitary napkin Auto bagger
  • sanitary napkin Auto bagger
Model No.︰JWC-WZBJ
Brand Name︰JWC
Country of Origin︰China
Unit Price︰CNY ¥ 875000 / pc
Minimum Order︰1 pc
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Advantages︰Name Full servo sanitary napkin bagger machine
Equipment performance parameters
Power 3 phases 380Vac,50Hz Cable sizes: 4×10mm2+1×6mm2
capacity 16.5KW
Air source _0.6MPa,gas source consumption≯200LPM
Designed speed 70 bags /minute
Working speed 60 bags /minute
Product specification stacking type 10-30PCS, Inserting type 4-12PCS

Packing film type Packaging film in roller
Packing film material PE film or Complex film, The monolayer thickness ≤70µm
Packing film layout Each page printed error ±1mm, containing at least 3mm×3mm color mark

Qualified rate ≥99.9%
Overall size L5.50m×W1.50m×H2.20m(L×W×H)
Color silvery grey
Machine processing direction According to customer’s request
Weight About 3.5 ton
Price standard configuration RMB 875000(include stacking unit)
Optional Inkjet printer RMB 45,000

Full Servo Sanitary Napkin Bagger Machine
1. Summary
1.1 Technical characteristics
1.1.1 Quick packing speed: stable speed is 60BPM
1.1.2 Full-auto packing: Feeding, bag-making, packaging –all processes are automatically
1.1.3 The product is highly adaptable: can simultaneously deal with inserting type and stacking type packing style without changing any mechanical structure, especially for stacking type short packets (such as pad)
1.1.4 It makes the time shorter of changing different size package because of the patented open-bag structure.
1.1.5 Patented open-size structure makes the production more stable.
1.1.6 High uniformity angle foled: patent angle folded structure makes higher uniformity.
1.1.7 Full servo driving way: 12-axis full servo driving system(including automatic arranging device), adopts absolute system-control which is easier to adjust the parameters.
1.2 machine parameters:
1.2.1 Overall max 3-dimentional size: L5.50m×W1.50m×H2.20
1.2.2 Main power: three-phase & five-wire 3Ph380Vac±10%、50Hz。
1.2.3 Air supply: air pressure_0.6MPa, total air consumption≯200LPM。
1.2.4 Electric capacity: installed capacity 16.5KW,load rate<60%,cosö_0.8。
1.2.5 Running speed: design speed: 70BPM, stable working speed: 60BPM
1.3 Product type:
1.3.1 Full servo sanitary napkin (panty liner) final packing machine.
1.3.2 2 sides’ symmetry trust angle sealing way
1.3.3 Product specs: horizontal arranging out type: 10-30pcs, vertical arranging out type: 4-12pcs
1.4 Right Packing materials:
1.4.1 Packing products:Tri-fold sanitary napkin or panty liner (QQ package)
1.4.2 packing film:Roll bag packing film
1.4.3Packing film material: PE film or complex film, Single layer thickness≤70µm.
1.4.4Packing film printing layout: it has deviation for every printing layout _±1mm and has color code at least 3mm×3mm
1.4.5Packing film roll: inner diameter Φ76.2mm(3 inches),outer diameter maxΦ450mm.
1.5Function introduction
1.5.1Within the range of right material and products form, the machine stable working speed is 60BPM, working rate≥90%
1.5.2 Angle fold overlap≤3.5mm
1.5.3Angle fold Symmetry rate≤2mm
1.5.4 Sealing line parallelism, centrality ≤ 2mm
1.5.5Cutting lines parallelism ≤ 2mm. Bagging success rate of ≥ 99.9%.
1.5.6It can do many packing size and easy to change size at short time.
1.6 manufacturing process picture

1.7 machine structure

unwinding servo system - bag making servo system - bagging servo system -man-machine interactive system -PLC control system- motion control system -platform servo system - turnplate servo system -bag open servo system -pusher servo system - back sealing servo system - bag output servo system
1.8 Parts Suppliers’ List
Gear BEM&NSK Germany & Japan
Motor Siemens Germany
Servo motor Mitsubishi or Siemens(optional) Japan or Germany
Reducer VGM Taiwan
Timing belt Gates USA
conveying belt Habasit Swiss
Sensor OMRON /Banner Japan /USA
Temperature controller OMRON Japan
Pneumatic element SMC Japan
Solenoid valve SMC Japan
PLC Mitsubishi/Siemens Japan/Germany
True color touchable screen Mitsubishi/Siemens Japan/Germany
Server Mitsubishi/Siemens Japan/Germany
Web guiding system FIFE USA
Electrical elements Omron /Schneider Japan/ France
Note: If the customer choose Siemens brand servo motor, Price increase 30% base on electrical parts cost

Payment term:
1. Machine
30% T/T as deposit within 3 working days after contract signed, 30% T/T should be paid after buyers come to factory for machine supervising, and the rest 40% should be paid after buyer’s approved and supervised machine before shipping. The seller will deliver the machine within 3 days after receiving all payment.
1. Raw materials:
50% T/T as deposit, 50% T/T should be paid before shipping.
NOTE: train transportation fee and insurance are afforded by buyer.

Delivery time: 200 Days.

Supervise before shipping
Machine will be tested and supervised in seller’s factory before delivery. The time for testing in seller’s factory will not be more than 15 minutes. Raw materials consumption within 15 minutes will be afforded by seller. If customer needs prolong testing time, the extra cost will be afforded by customer.

Installation, testing, etc
1. The Price of full set of machine includes machine price, spare parts, FOB Nanjing, salary and commissioning fees of our operators at buyer side. It’s better for buyer’s operator to have mechanical and electrical skills. We will be responsible for installation and training buyer’s workers.
2. Machine needs 2 operators, 4 packing workers. If there is a stacker, then 2 additional workers are required.
3. Factory area requirements: Length is 38meters, width is 10meters.
4. We will afford the salary of engineers for installation and testing machine for 21 days in buyer’s factory.
5. Our workers will stay mostly 21 days at buyer’s factory, among which 5 days are for installation and the other 16 days are for testing and training. If buyer still needs our workers to stay more time, then 50usd/person/day will be afforded by buyer. All fees needs to be paid before our workers leave buyer’s factory. Most importantly, they will stay there for at most 30 days.
6. Buyer will afford our workers’ accommodations and round air tickets cost.
7. Within the guarantee period, if there is emergency happened, we will assign our technical workers to repair and do the maintenance.
8. If urgent, seller will dispatch technician to buyer within the guaranteed period.

Important notes:
1. The wastage excludes the circumstances when glue applicator breaks down or exchange material.
2. The latest time of residual payment or LC opening is 60 days after machine finished manufacturing. If buyer has not completed the payment or opened LC after 60 days, the Seller has the right to resell the machine and not return the deposit
3. Seller will inform Buyer come for supervising the machine in written paper sent by fax or by email.
4. Raw materials for production should be approved by JWC.
5. Buyer can’t privately ask our engineer stay at his factory work for them after our engineers finish the installation and training, if the buyer needs technician work with them for one year or longer time, the buyer has to contact our company manager. Otherwise, we have right to stop all the after sells service, and the Buy need to undertake all of our company loss.

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